Fall decoration

I made this nice decoration yesterday. My son made me the candlestick in the daycare, and it is so wonderful and matches the slices of wood. Henrik ( My boyfriend) made them for me from our old lilac tree. The flowers are from a wonderful tree we have in the garden, and it gives pink flowers in November and December. I simply love that tree. Then I can have fresh pink flowers inside every day in the winter:)


No vocals right now:(

I was so thrilled about the musical project, and I was looking so much forward to tell you all about it. But a few of the band members can’t be a part of the project anymore. We were going to record three tracks in December, but now everything is cancelled:(
I am sad about it. But I know that there is nothing to do about it. I will ofcourse ALWAYS sing, and I will fin more projects in the future. But not right now. I need a break and I need to think….

My new love!

In the mean time I had a little comfort in these dresses. I have been looking for the right designer/the right dresses for years now. Actually I dreamed about a childish dress in adult size, but as far as I could see it didn´t excist. But then I finally found my new love! The brand is called Siri S Design and is from Norway. I looooooooovvvvvvveeee her dresses. Take a look at her website


Best regards from a sad but hopeful Monika with one of my new dresses:)


3 Kommentarer on Sad news about the project with my vocals and my new love!

  1. Oh, and why are these stupid musicians gone? 🙁 If i was in Denmark I’d replaced them myself 😀 I’ll wait, and hope that things will get better and soon there will be new songs(

    Look amazing in this dress 😉

  2. They are not stupid:) But they had some personal reasons for not having the time for the project:( It is such a shame. But I need a break now. So that is ok:) Thank you for the compliment:)

  3. Hi, Monika! The fact that we won’t have new songs from you it’s really sad! But, I have an opinion! Why don’t you start singing at home? Only vocals and a single instrument? Maybe a piano, a keyboard, a classic guitar. Something small, simple. Just to please our ears! Please!!! Consider this!

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