Fall, apple trees and TV-shows.

September in Denmark. Summer is ending and the fall is on it’s way. I enjoy when the seasons changes.

IMG_4553This is our apple tree in the backyard. We have bought a juicer, so we can make juice out of vegetables and fruits. One day last week we went to the garden with the children and took all the appels on the ground and made apple juice on the juicer. It … Read more

New vocal projects? And my new bedroom.

I am so happy for your reactions, when I told you the story about my voice. It really gave me some new energy and even more motivation to sing. Many of you ask me the whole time: “what do you do now”? “Is there any new projects”?

And here is my answer: I sing every day. I sing for my kids in the evening when I put them to bed. … Read more

The real story!


I remember this concert as one of the best ones, I have ever done. This picture is from Folken in Stavanger. (photo by: Wendy Bogert) I was so happy, and I had my whole life with music and stages in front of me. But the adventure with Sirenia ended one year after.

I will tell you my story! The story about my voice and why I left Sirenia. The true Read more

What makes you happy?



I have always been a happy person. When I say happy I mean positive. I have also had bad periods of course.But somehow I always find a way out and stay positive (“But don’t we all?”)


I can be happy about even the smallest things in life. A flower, the view from our living room (the picture above), when my neighbor gave me this wonderful chair instead of throwing … Read more

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