Chia porridge with coconut milk for breakfast

Chia GrødWow this was soooo delicious and so easy to make. I never thought it would work, but with the right mix the taste is wonderful and almost like the danish: Risalamande. This is chia porridge. I think I found a new favorite breakfast. Normally I make an omelet with vegetables on the side like the one here: Omelet

The chia seeds are very good for your body. They are loaded … Read more

Behind the scenes. Pictures and stories.


sirenia-videoinnspilling Serbia 082

When I started this blog, I was looking for my harddisc where ALL my old pictures were saved. I wanted to find them and share some of them with you all. On that harddisc I had pictures from all my travels  and everything from my life before 2011. But it is gone. Totally gone. I really don’t understand where it is. The only thing I can think of is … Read more

Do you want to see my fiancé and the place where I grew up?



Hello everyone.

When I started this blog, I was thinking that I would make 1 blog post every week. I am still trying to make that happend, but the past few weeks have been crazy at home:) My fiancé ( the guy with the long hair on the picture) was to his exam. It har been two really busy weeks where I have been alone with the kids most … Read more

My cosy corner.


I felt really lucky this week. I had to sell our old couch. You can call that a luxery problem, but the old couch was to big in the livingroom. On the first picture you can see the old couch. It was really big and dark but very cosy and really beautiful, if you ask me. But I have tryed everything with that couch. It has been placed in … Read more

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