Do you want ideas for a craft corner?


It is raining outside and getting colder and colder here in Denmark. But I actually like when the seasons change. Maybe it is because I love doing so many creative things inside. When the weather is really good I always feel guilty, when I am doing something inside the house. Do you know the feeling?:)

So now I “finally” had the chance to make my craft room/corner. Yes! The bookcase … Read more

Behind the scenes. Pictures and stories.


sirenia-videoinnspilling Serbia 082

When I started this blog, I was looking for my harddisc where ALL my old pictures were saved. I wanted to find them and share some of them with you all. On that harddisc I had pictures from all my travels  and everything from my life before 2011. But it is gone. Totally gone. I really don’t understand where it is. The only thing I can think of is … Read more

The real story!


I remember this concert as one of the best ones, I have ever done. This picture is from Folken in Stavanger. (photo by: Wendy Bogert) I was so happy, and I had my whole life with music and stages in front of me. But the adventure with Sirenia ended one year after.

I will tell you my story! The story about my voice and why I left Sirenia. The true Read more

What makes you happy?



I have always been a happy person. When I say happy I mean positive. I have also had bad periods of course.But somehow I always find a way out and stay positive (“But don’t we all?”)


I can be happy about even the smallest things in life. A flower, the view from our living room (the picture above), when my neighbor gave me this wonderful chair instead of throwing … Read more