Monika Pedersen and Zakk WyldeMaking this blog has made me think a lot on the old days when I was a singer in the band: Sirenia. I had so many funny experiences back then, and it is really funny to think about how my life has turned out since. This picture is from Graspop 2007 with Zakk Wylde. He is the most none snobbish celebrity I have ever met. He was really kind and kissing all the girls on their cheek;)

I still go to concerts. But only when it is a band that I really love. My latest concert was a month ago with Faith No More at a festival in Odense, Denmark. It was so great. Mike Patton is singing like a dream ( he a a big inspiration to me), and this concert made me realize that my life will always be about music. Always. It is so important to me, and I really see that now when I have som time for myself again without small babies. 🙂 I love my life with kids and music.  Do you have kids and do they like metal music? My daughter who is 3 years old likes to listen to all kinds of music. But not her mom singing? Haha.;)


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Gibran Daryl Jimenez
2 years 8 days ago

I some times wondered what happened to the singer from Sirenia but I found my answer . you are and will always be one of the best singers and be considered to be one of the queens of metal. But I ask my self will you ever consider a solo career in the near future? By the way you rock! \m/ \m/

2 years 10 days ago

1. Absolutely think your were the best singer for Sirenia (so does my wife)
2. I have 2 sons. The youngest really doesn’t listen to music. My oldest likes hip-pop.
I’m the metal head in the house although my wife is starting to like it too!