I have had a busy December so far, but I enjoy every day. I love December, and it feels so good to wake up in the morning, and see the kids so happy. We have socks hanging on their beds, and the goblin comes every night and puts a small present in it. The first two nights my daughter woke up in the middle of the night, and looked cause she was so excited. It is so cosy even though it disturbed our sleep. What do you do for the kids in December?

Yesterday evening I finally, had some time, to make these tasty delicious lCHF coconut balls. I call them the false oatmeal balls. They taste so good, and they are really easy to make.

100 gr soft butter
3 dL Coconut flour
0,5 dL homemade almond flour
A half teaspoon vanilla powder
0,5 dL cocoa powder
Two tablespoons of sweetener. You can use the kind of sweetener you like.

You mix it all together and rool them in coconut flour and licorice powder. Put them in the fridge or the freezer, until you think, they have the right consistency.

My decoration. It is a good way for my daughter to understand, how long time she has to wait for her birthday.
She was born on Christmas Eve almost four years ago. We count the days now:)


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2 Kommentarer on LCHF Coconut balls with taste of sin.

  1. I am of German an Scott descent. I had never heard of the stocks and goblins at the bed and a gift each night. Can you enlighten me on that tradition?

  2. Hello Stephan. That it so funny. I thought that everyone knew that tradition. It is such a good one. I find 24 small gifts for each child. Every night I ( “The goblin”) put a small present in the sock. My parents did the same to me when I was a child. I also woke up i the middle of the night and touched the sock. When I felt that there was something in it I smiled and went back to sleep. 🙂 What are your traditions?

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