Hello everyone.

When I started this blog, I was thinking that I would make 1 blog post every week. I am still trying to make that happend, but the past few weeks have been crazy at home:) My fiancé ( the guy with the long hair on the picture) was to his exam. It har been two really busy weeks where I have been alone with the kids most of the time. I went to the reception where he got his diplom. He was the best of them all and he got a bronze medal. I am so proud of him.

Last week I was visiting my mother with the kids in a town in Denmark called Skanderborg. It is 3 hours away from where we live. I grew up i that city and it is always nice to come back there. Do you know the feeling in places like that. I feel at home and I feel safe. I have memories from every corner, every street and everywhere in the forest in i that city. But I always feel really emotional when I pass by a special place. The place I still dream about and the place where I have thousands of memories. The house where I grew up. It is 15 years ago we moved from there. I still love that house, and I wish that I could get inside and have a look. I still feel like it is my house, and I feel that the people living inside now don’t have anything to say. My house, my home, my life. Isn’t it a sweet house?:) My mom planted the tree in front. Ohhh I wish I had the money so I could buy that house again. I love my new house, but I am not sure if I will ever love it as much as the house where I grew up. The place where I started everything in my life. The place where I was playing and singing. The place where became the person I am today. I miss you everyday. My old house…


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  1. Thanks:) Yes I is a nice one. All the memories. I will post a picture of my own “new” house one day also. It is even cuter, but it does’t have the same history.

  2. What an adorable house! I often drive past houses I lived in as a child and wonder what they look like inside, whether they’re the same as I remember them being. 🙂

  3. Yes excatly. I also wonder what it look like:) Now I wonder if my kids will ever feel like that with our house. I hope that they can have they house when I am gone:)

  4. Oh, actually it is very
    sad. Moving is how
    to tear away the part
    that no longer will
    return( and the most
    offensive that there
    is new life, new
    people, and all will
    be as before( But
    don’t be sad, Monica.
    You it’s always you
    where ever you are)
    I Hope it’s not a
    weak consolation 😀

  5. still, it’s not very
    good, and it must
    somehow be
    overcome, perhaps.
    I? 😀 can’t say I’m a
    fan of my home/
    where I live 😀

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