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Old memories.

Monika Pedersen and Zakk WyldeMaking this blog has made me think a lot on the old days when I was a singer in the band: Sirenia. I had so many funny experiences back then, and it is really funny to think about how my life has turned out since. This picture is from Graspop 2007 with Zakk Wylde. He is the most none snobbish celebrity I have ever met. He was really kind and … Read more

Ready for work in the garden!

MorgenmadMy LCHF breakfast/lunch, my coffee with cream and my new blog in front:)

My breakfast is an omelet with spinach and red peppers. This meal can keep me full for about 4-6 hours, and it doesn’t affect my blood sugar at all. Win win.

I have been working on the new blog for almost 2 days now, and it has been really funny. I enjoy working with the creative elements … Read more

Wow I actually made it. A blog! And a tip for the garden.

Wow I actually made it. A blog! And a tip for the garden. 

And it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. 🙂

I have been sitting in my new garden the whole day, This garden makes me so happy.11667345_10152927232720686_3356181310581781979_n

The picture is from my new garden. I love to decorate and create things. We had an architect to help us with the ideas, and she gave me … Read more