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Have you ever heard my vocals like this? There is more than Sirenia:)

Maybe many of you know me from my time in the band: Sirenia. Did you ever hear some of the tracks that I made with the band: The World State? It is a few years ago. That band is awesome, with some really great musicians from Denmark.
You can listen to the track Engine here.

Back in 1999 I had my first band: Sinphonia. We played together in a few … Read more

I realized that this is almost 10 years ago! Wow

The beautiful little sister girl in the Sirenia: The Other Side video must be about 20 years old now. Wow! I don’t know who she is. She just came to the recordings with her father, and when she was finished her father took some pictures of us together. She was so nice and sweet. I remember when we recorded the scene, you see on the picture here. It took a … Read more

Friday candy?

IMG_4488It is friday evening and I am really happy about all the visitors I have had since the blog went on air yesterday evening. I have had over 500 visitors already. 🙂 In Denmark it is very normal to eat candy while watching Disney show every friday evening. My daughter who is 3 years old knows what candy is now, and she have tryed to taste it a few times. … Read more

Are you on Bloglovin?

Let’s add each other.

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