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Fall, apple trees and TV-shows.

September in Denmark. Summer is ending and the fall is on it’s way. I enjoy when the seasons changes.

IMG_4553This is our apple tree in the backyard. We have bought a juicer, so we can make juice out of vegetables and fruits. One day last week we went to the garden with the children and took all the appels on the ground and made apple juice on the juicer. It … Read more

What makes you happy?



I have always been a happy person. When I say happy I mean positive. I have also had bad periods of course.But somehow I always find a way out and stay positive (“But don’t we all?”)


I can be happy about even the smallest things in life. A flower, the view from our living room (the picture above), when my neighbor gave me this wonderful chair instead of throwing … Read more

Friday candy?

IMG_4488It is friday evening and I am really happy about all the visitors I have had since the blog went on air yesterday evening. I have had over 500 visitors already. 🙂 In Denmark it is very normal to eat candy while watching Disney show every friday evening. My daughter who is 3 years old knows what candy is now, and she have tryed to taste it a few times. … Read more

Are you on Bloglovin?

Let’s add each other.

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