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My healthy week with the magic coconut oil

2015-11-17 14.05.41


Do you know the feeling, where you just wish, you could take your loved ones, and go to live in a small cabin in the woods? Away from everything and everyone? Away from all the expectations and where you can be yourself and feel safe. I am not a fan of war- I am a fan of peace, and I think that life is about being as happy as … Read more

Invitation to mother and daughter art exhibition.


Goodmorning on this wonderful friday 🙂

My mom who is called Frida Freja is a really great painter. I love her paintings, and I am vey proud of her. She has had a lot of exhibitions through the years. You can go and see and like her Facebook and paintings here. She paints a lot different than me, but I think we have some of the same highlights. She lives … Read more

Small glimpse and my November.

A picture from a beautiful morning run in the area last week.

Hello everyone.

I wish that having this blog could be my living. Cause I love having it, and I love writing to all of you, but wow- I have to use more time on it that I thought. When you have a normal day with job, house and kids there is not much time left for the blog. … Read more

Chia porridge with coconut milk for breakfast

Chia GrødWow this was soooo delicious and so easy to make. I never thought it would work, but with the right mix the taste is wonderful and almost like the danish: Risalamande. This is chia porridge. I think I found a new favorite breakfast. Normally I make an omelet with vegetables on the side like the one here: Omelet

The chia seeds are very good for your body. They are loaded … Read more

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