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My idea for a Halloween decoration and my favorite breakfast.


This is our Halloween welcome to our house decoration. It was so nice making it, especially the small ghost stones. My children are so excited about it, that we already have a ritual in the evening. Before my childrens bed time we go out and light the candels in the pumpkins and say goodnight to the pumpkins and ghosts. I love that my children finally are so big, that we … Read more

Do you want ideas for a craft corner?


It is raining outside and getting colder and colder here in Denmark. But I actually like when the seasons change. Maybe it is because I love doing so many creative things inside. When the weather is really good I always feel guilty, when I am doing something inside the house. Do you know the feeling?:)

So now I “finally” had the chance to make my craft room/corner. Yes! The bookcase … Read more

What is it about chia seeds and coffee with coconut milk these days?

caffee latte

I started my day with a run. I started running 3 weeks ago, and I have been running 3-4 times every week after that. Wow- I am really proud of myself. I am not a very cool runner or very fast, but today I was running about 3 kilometers without a break. I am sure that all you cool runners out there are smiling about that, but I am very … Read more

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