sirenia-videoinnspilling Serbia 082

When I started this blog, I was looking for my harddisc where ALL my old pictures were saved. I wanted to find them and share some of them with you all. On that harddisc I had pictures from all my travels  and everything from my life before 2011. But it is gone. Totally gone. I really don’t understand where it is. The only thing I can think of is that my two year old son has thrown it out with the garbage! I have been almost crazy trying to find it:( But I gave up. But then a miracle happened. I found some old CD Roms, and fortunately I had saved some of my pictures of them;) I found all the pictures from my Sirenia period:) But I lost all the pictures from when I lived in Norway and pictures from my trip to Thailand etc:(

I want to share some unseen behind the scene photos with you and tell you the story behind. I had a feeling of joy and happines, when I looked at the old pictures. The picture above is from Serbia in 2006 where Sirenia were recording music videos to the tracks: My Minds Eye and The Other Side. It is behind the scenes, where you can see me (Monika Pedersen) concentrating a lot on the video shoot with the song: My Minds Eye. (Watch the video here: My Minds Eye). Everything was recorded in blue screen, so we didn’t have anything else in the room. It was really funny to make the videos, and I remember that I felt like it was the easiest thing in the world. The picture below is also from Serbia recording the video to My Minds Eye.

sirenia-videoinnspilling Serbia 086

Before GraspopThe picture above is from Graspop 2007 just 15 minutes before we went to the stage with Sirenia. I was getting my voice warmed up. I was very nervous but also very very happy and excited. Just two years before I was visiting Graspop as an audience. Living in tents with my friends. I remember standing there in front of the stage listening to music and thinking : I want that. I want to be on that stage. Whatever it takes. And my biggest dream came through. 2 years after I was here on the stage in front of 10.000 people. Wow. With Lynn

This picture also have a funny story. It was from Metal Female Voices fest in Belgium in 2007 with a girl called Linn. I didn’t know her, but she bought a painting from me. I was travelling with a big painting in the plain etc the whole way to Belgium so she could have it after the concert. So we met and had a chat and a photo and she got her painting:)

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