I remember this concert as one of the best ones, I have ever done. This picture is from Folken in Stavanger. (photo by: Wendy Bogert) I was so happy, and I had my whole life with music and stages in front of me. But the adventure with Sirenia ended one year after.

I will tell you my story! The story about my voice and why I left Sirenia. The true story!;)

When I was a child, I was doing a lot of gymnastics. When I was 11 years old I got very sick. I had inflammation in my appendictis, and I almost died. My mother was so afraid, but after a few months, I was okay again. But the doctor said, that I couldn’t make any more gymnastics for at least a half year. My body was not ready. So what should I do? I could sing some more. So I did. That was the beginning of my singing career. When I was 15 years old, I was singing every day. In 2 choirs and 3 bands. My whole life was about singing, and I LOVED it. I travelled with the choir, and went to a lot of competitions. BUT….I was also a crazy girl who loved to party and talk a LOT! After a weekend with the towns annual festival my voice was gone! I was talking to much under concerts, so I lost my voice. And I still tried to talk. After the festival and the week after I thought my voice would come back. But it didn’t. I could talk, but I couldn’t sing! My singing teacher said that she thought it was knots on my vocal cords.

My worst nightmare EVER startet there. Years went by, and my voice was still the same. I could sing very deep, but my high tones were completely gone. I was so sad and frustrated, and I went to several throat specialists and singing teachers, but they couldn’t find the problem. My only wish back then was to get my voice back. At the age of 19 I found a really skilled doctor, who only worked with singers. He filmed my throat, and finally I got the answer. When I was 15 years old on that festival, I had blood blastings on my vocal chords, and they became to scar tissues. The doctor told me that I had to live with that, but I could still sing, and I had to train my voice more! He also gave me some medicine, but that never worked. If only I could tell that stupid little 15-years old Monika to shut up and take care of her voice. But that girl really thought that she could do everything with her voice without problems.

After that I found my first band Sinphonia, and my voice got better. Much better, but I still had some problems with a few tones in the high register. I could sing totally high opera style, but there were a few notes in between, that was never good for me.

Listen to the first track I ever recorded here:

My voice doctor said, that maybe I could be cured and maybe I could get my voice back ,when I started singing every day and touring again. But the scar tissues were still there.

When I was singing with Sirenia the tones were still a problem. I was never cured:(  So actually the problem was, that the band wrote many of the choruses in those tones. So yes it was musical disagreements that was the reason.

1930628_30506890685_5729_nAfter my time i Sirenia I had a long break with music. I was so sad that my biggest dream was broken:( But I knew, that I could sing everything else than those stupid tones! So after a few years I started singing again, and I will never stop again. I know what my voice can do, and what it can’t do. And maybe those problems made my voice even stronger in some ways? 🙂





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  1. I miss your time in Sirenia and i thank you for share your story; you have too much fan support! Hope to know more about your projects in the future.

  2. God, Monica, you are
    my idol. You’re
    amazing, I admire
    you. You’re very very
    strong. Thank you for
    what you do,
    because you don’t
    give up. It’s really
    fascinating. Thank
    you very much for
    what you said, for
    your struggle and
    that you with us

  3. 9 destinies was the best sirenia album….. You were my crush at that time, hehe.
    I could say that i stop following Sirenia since they got Aylin, her voice… I don’t like it.
    Thanks for sharing your story, you’re the best !!

  4. Nine destinies is far from my favorite, but out of its many flaws, your voice was not one, for sure. I’m shocked to know that you had such limitations, it really wasn’t noticeable.

    Do you already have plans? Will you go back to the metal scene?

    I hope to have the chance to listen to your voice again. Good luck!

  5. tienes una voz única a diferencia de otras vocalistas no necesitas adornos tu tono me hizo experimentar la música de una manera intensa y natural Sirenia nunca sera lo mismo

  6. I don’t understand but my mother translated a bit for me. Thank you for the comment:)

  7. Yes I always have plans. I will never stop singing.
    But my plans are still on a level that I can’t say anything about:)

  8. Thank you so much for the kind words Tara:) I am glad that people know my story now:)

  9. I’m glad to finally know why do you leave the sirenia poject. And why your voice in the tracks was very soft and stealthy. I assumed that as the band name refers to the sirens (mermaids), you wanted to impart a sexy, dark, sweetly appealing tone (that made me love the album). I love your voice. And I wish your health gets better, also I want to hear you soon in an other project.

  10. My favorite singer of Sirenia has never left them, but also, my favorite song of them is “The Other Side” so I miss you a lot, I also loved the video of Symphonia you posted here!

  11. Tak for beretningen – mega ærgerligt at stemmeknuderne skulle sætte en stopper for dit samarbejde med Sirenia. Jeg har selvfølgelig hørt Nine Destinies and A Downfall til hudløshed (ligeså har mine naboer) og vokalmæssigt står den for mig som den stærkeste CD Sirenia har lavet. Din vokal i Glades of Summer er jo for vild. Det er sjældent at jeg sidder klistret til højtalerne for at fange teksten første gang jeg hører et nyt nummer, men det gjorde jeg altså, da jeg hørte det nummer.

    Nå, men livet går jo altid videre og hvad der ikke tager os af dage, gør os blot stærkere. Fede malerier iøvrigt – min kone er også lidt vild med dem 🙂

  12. Hej Jesper.
    Tak for de rosende ord:) Og fedt at din kone også kan lide malerierne. Sig til hvis i skal have bestilt et til stuen?:)

  13. You are able to do a lot more than many vocalists in the main industry can do with a higher range! You know how to choose the right notes to make these beautiful melodies, do what you love, trust yourself! Your work in Sirenia was AMAZING no one could notice or imagine that you had these kind of issues. It was just one project, I would love to hear you again in another one. Bless us with your light, don’t hide it! We love you. You were an amazing inspiration for me to make my band. Thank you <3

  14. Ohhh such nice words Pablo. I am really happy about that. Actually it helps me a lot with such nice words:)

  15. I discovered Sirenia when you were the singer and the songs from that time are my favourite. I still love the band but they are not the same without you. It is a great shame you could not continue but thank you for the great tracks you left behind! Best wishes and I hope we can all hear you sing again. 🙂

  16. Same hete. Tbh her songs were my favorite i like Ailyn but because monika was my exposure to them, via pandora actually, she is my top. As for me, she was the one singing when i was introduced to Sirenia.

  17. Hello Bernard. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah I was such a shame, but it wasn’t the right band for me:)

  18. Wow, by listening to you singing I would’ve never known yoynhad scart tissue on your vocal chords. Maybe that’s why you have that unique sound that I like so much.

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